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Fire Alarm Services

Two-Way Communication

At Black Eagle Fire & Security we help clients integrate wired Two-Way Emergency Communication Systems into fire detection systems. Two-way communication is crucial for effective fire response, resolving incidents, and ensuring the safety of your property and those on it.

During an emergency, a two-way communication system allows building occupants to talk back and forth with rescuers. The communication system has two components — a master station and call boxes. The master station is in an approved location while call boxes are in areas of refuge.

A two-way communication system complying with Sections 1009.8.1 and 1009.8.2 shall be provided at the landing serving each elevator or bank of elevators on each accessible floor that is one or more stories above or below the level of exit discharge.

1009.8.1 System requirements. Two-way communication systems shall provide communication between each required location and a central control point location approved by the fire department. Where the central control point is not constantly attended, a two-way communication system shall have a timed automatic telephone dial-out capability to an approved monitoring location. The two-way communication system shall include both audible and visible signals.

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