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False Alarms (Warnings)

Posted January 25th, 2024

False Alarms in the Fire Alarm System and Checking Available Solutions

In general, false alarms (warnings) cause disruption in the normal operation of business and create a vacuum in the resources of firefighting and rescue services.

Also, false alarms can seriously affect the safety of occupants, who may not react properly when the system responds to a real fire when they have just experienced a number of false alarms.

The responsibility for limiting false alarms and unwanted fire alarm signals rests with each person involved in the specification, design, installation, commissioning, operational level management and maintenance of fire alarm detectors and fire alarm systems.

In order to manage false alarms and prevent false or unwanted alarms, a person responsible for the fire alarm system should be appointed on site to prevent these alarms with necessary measures based on procedures and equipment control.

Which Should:

• Consultation with all parties.

• Designate a person responsible for the fire alarm system.

• Painting, decorating, and heating work should be monitored.

• Registering and changing any changes in the user.

• Keeping the Book Log updated.

• Agree on an acceptable false alarm rate (for example less than 1 false alarm per 100 detectors per year).

• Ensuring service and maintenance.

The Method of Reducing Error Alarms in The Fire alarm System

1. Using the alarm confirmation system, which works in such a way that the alarm department waits for a period of time, which is usually 30 seconds, until the report sent by the detector is reviewed by the fire alarm panel.

2. Reducing the sensitivity of the detector, although it is worth noting that this is not correct at all, unless the sensitivity of the detector is too high.

3. Using newer equipment and systems such as smart fire alarm system. In the conventional, addressable and intelligent fire alarm system are almost error-free unless human factors cause the system to fail.

As our fire alarm network becomes bigger and wider, the possibility of making mistakes increases, that's why you should use more suitable and advanced systems.

Training The Residents To Fix The Fire Alarm System Error

It is necessary to give training to the residents and people of the buildings where the fire alarm system is installed. Unfortunately, some of the false alarms that happen are due to the lack of training to people. It must be said that the more user-friendly and simpler the system is, so that users can learn easily, and the more the system has a monitor or monitoring software, the less problems there will be and the delivery of the work will be done easily.

It is worth mentioning that since the fire alarm system is very sensitive, it is necessary to install and operate the system by relevant experts. In order to have an efficient announcement system, you can contact our technical experts for consultation, design, installation, setup, service and maintenance and receive advice from them.

Fire Alarm System Error Due To Negligence

As we mentioned before, periodic maintenance of fire alarm systems and its equipment is very necessary. Facilities and buildings that do not comprehensively examine, test and monitor their systems and equipment, their entire facilities and buildings will be at risk. Unfortunately, even systems that are regularly checked and tested may also encounter a fire alarm system error.

These problems arise when owners ignore existing errors and problems. In addition, it is completely negligent to ignore the error signal of the fire alarm system because this error signal can be due to reasons such as programming errors, broken devices or the device going offline.

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