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Who Needs a Fire Alarm System?

Posted January 24th, 2024

Who Needs a Fire Alarm System?

As you know, fire alarm systems are systems that often predict and announce the occurrence of fire in residential buildings, commercial buildings, stores, shops, sheds, hotels, warehouses, etc. Fire alarm systems are notified of fire and smoke by means of their smoke detectors and inform the residents of the complex with optical and audio tools.

Therefore, fire alarm systems are very important. For this reason, the Engineering System Organization considers the installation and use of fire alarm systems mandatory for commercial, residential and office buildings, as well as buildings that have different uses, and considers the availability of this system as a requirement to receive a permit to complete the work.

Here we deal with the buildings that need fire alarm and the national fire alarm building regulations or standards and the design and installation of the fire alarm system according to NFPA and fire department standards. Buildings that need to install a fire alarm system include:

The Fire Alarm System is Mandatory and Necessary in All The Following Buildings:

• Fire alarm system for residential buildings

• Fire alarm system for office buildings

• Fire alarm system for commercial buildings

Requirements for installing a fire alarm system in buildings: 

Depending on the type of building (the number of people, the number of floors, the size of the building, the equipment kept in the building, the height of the building and the area), I can use one type of announcement system. 

We will first examine the building groups, which group each building belongs to base on these characteristics declared according to the fire standard, and then we will examine what type of system is declared in this building.

In Residential Buildings, it is Mandatory to Install a Building Fire Alarm System Under The Following Conditions:

• Buildings with 5 roofs and more than the ground floor

• Residential units with at least 11 units and more

Commercial, Office or Mixed Buildings That Need to Install a Fire Alarm System:

1. Single-unit commercial buildings with an area of 500 square meters and more, buildings that are next to each other and do not have a common entrance.

2. Commercial buildings with a common entrance with a total area of 300 square meters or more.

3. Commercial, office and residential buildings with more than 3 floors from the ground floor or a total area of 300 square meters and more. 

4. Commercial and residential buildings with 5 or more units.

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