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Fire Alarm Control Panel

Posted January 25th, 2024

Control Panel

No matter what kind of fire alarm systems they are, they all have one common feature, and that is the fire alarm panel; The fire alarm control panel is the central fire alarm device, and if we want to compare a fire alarm system to the human body, fire alarm panels are considered as the brain and head of this system. In the control panels of the fire alarm system, all tasks are performed by microprocessors, and the wiring of all detectors, push buttons, warning lamps, sound devices, power sources, etc. is connected to the control center. The control centers of the announcement systems have fault finding circuits and when there are faults caused by circuit breakers, city power cuts, weak batteries, burnt fuses, detector failures, they operate, and the signal is sent to the control centers and the area caught fire is detected. The control panel is installed in the guard room, warehouses area, facilities department, information center of hotels, residential complexes. In large places such as hospitals, dormitories, department stores, where general alarm is not desirable, the control panels are installed in a special room where there is always a guard and from there they can be notified by telephone, soft sounds, bells, light signals or lights. A warning will be given to the parts affected by the accident and fire so that there is no delay in the evacuation of the building.

Different Types of Fire Alarm Panels are Sold in The Market, Which are Divided Into The Following Categories:

Conventional Fire Alarm Panel

Addressable Fire Alarm Panel

Wireless Fire Alarm Panel

Conventional Fire Alarm Panel

Conventional fire alarm panels are one of the oldest types of fire alarm system equipment. These panels have not changed much over the years, but they have still managed to maintain their popularity. Conventional fire alarm system control panels are set of interconnected circuits that are connected to a central control panel. Each circuit also represents a zone or region. Therefore, this system cannot announce the exact location of the fire; But through the circuit of that zone or area, you can track the boundaries of the fire and extinguish it. Due to this lack of accuracy (in terms of showing the exact location of the fire) and the lower and more affordable price, this system is suitable for use in small buildings and generally small or medium projects.

Addressable Fire Alarm Panel

Addressable fire alarm systems require an addressable fire alarm panel. Addressable panels are intelligent and continuously monitor system performance. The addressable panel has a touch LCD display, and all events are displayed on this screen. Addressable panels are like conventional control panels in many ways, but there is one very significant difference between them. In addressable fire alarm systems, detectors, and sensors each have their own unique address, and in this way, when each of them is activated, the exact location of the danger can be recognized. In addition, in addressable fire alarm systems, the smart fire alarm panel can monitor each of the detectors and equipment and determine their possible errors. The high flexibility of the addressable panel allows for more monitoring and control of the system, and for this reason, this type of panel is used in large projects such as commercial, industrial buildings, recreational facilities, etc.

Wireless Fire Alarm Panel

We are witnessing the arrival of wireless fire alarm system in the market. As their name suggests, wireless central panels work without the need for cables and wires, and instead of relying on the power of cables, they use the power of waves. Being wireless and easy to install without wiring makes this type of fire alarm system very simple to use. Features such as maintaining the appearance and appearance of the building without making changes, high adjustability, and flexibility, as well as reducing the costs of this type of system, make the wireless fire alarm central panel a very suitable and practical option.

What is The Function of The Fire Alarm Panel in The System?

As we have explained in other articles, different equipment issued in a fire alarm system. 

This Equipment are Two Types: 

Manual Equipment: In fact, the meaning of manual equipment is the same equipment that a person, as a warning agent, uses to announce a danger message to the system. For example, a fire alarm that is installed on a wall is one of these equipment that is installed manually for use. In other words, if a person in the building sees a sign of fire, he can send a message to the central device by pressing his thumb. Automatic equipment: 

Automatic Fire Alarm Equipment is also referred to as equipment that has smart sensors and can detect signs of fire such as heat, smoke, fire, etc. 

Both devices are connected to the central system, which is called the fire alarm panel, and if activated, the central panel receives them and takes the next steps. In fact, this fire alarm process begins with the activation of manual or automatic equipment, and the start command is the responsibility of a device called the fire alarm panel, which performs the task of coordination between all components. 

What signals does the fire alarm control panel receive?

It might be interesting for you to know what the signals are received by the fire alarm panel. These signals can be classified into three levels, which are:

• Warning Signals

• Monitoring Signals

• Error or Problem Signal

Warning Signal on The Control Panel

The alarm signal is the highest type of signal that the panel receives. This signal is received during a fire, and upon receiving it, the fire alarm panel automatically activates all the system's warning equipment. As soon as this equipment is activated, residents or occupants must leave the premises.

Monitoring Signals in The Control Panel:

If we want to give an example for this case, this signal can be equal to the sentence "Pay attention, pay attention!" to take Do you think the panel will activate the alarm equipment when it receives this message or signal? If your answer is "no", then you answered correctly, in fact this message does not activate the alarm equipment and the fire engine is not going to be sent to the place! But this message means that there is a problem that the residents of the building should be aware of.

Error Signals or Problems in The Control Panel:

This signal refers to the problems of the system itself, which usually has an orange light on the fire alarm panel, the meaning of the problems of the fire alarm system itself are problems related to the type of wiring and the failure of a cable, failure of the power supply, battery or the presence of a It is a connection in the system that the operator must be aware of and fix.

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