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What is an Addressable Fire Alarm System?

Posted January 24th, 2024

What is an Addressable Fire Alarm System?

The basis of the addressable fire alarm system, as it is clear from the name of this system, is to identify all the components of the fire alarm through the address that is already defined in the fire alarm panel. All components in this system have a specific code and sending/receiving signals and programming the panel is based on this code. Coding is done during the installation operation or after the installation of all the equipment, which is suggested to be done after the completion of all the fire alarm components of this process so that the coding operation has a specific order. Therefore, by activating the fire alarm, flow switch, smoke or heat detector in this system, the addresses of the relevant components are specified in the fire alarm panel, and the necessary measures can be taken to prevent the spread of fire more quickly and accurately.

In terms of the necessary infrastructure for this system (cabling), it must be noted that the type of cable in the addressable fire alarm system must be of the shielded type, because the entry of environmental noise into the fire alarm system can cause malfunctioning of the panel. Also, the wiring schematic of the addressable fire alarm system is in the form of a loop, and any cable that goes out of the panel for the fire alarm components must be returned to the panel. As shown in picture number two, all components of the addressable fire alarm system are placed in a loop. Addressable fire alarm system components include smoke/heat detector, siren, fire alarm pusher, input/output interface and isolator. Taking a closer look at picture number two, we realize that each loop in the addressable fire alarm system can include several zones in the conventional fire alarm system. Therefore, the ability of this system in the number of fire alarm elements is much higher than the conventional mode and its implementation is also easier.

How Does an Addressable System Work?

Fire alarms detected by smoke detectors, manual calls or other devices are located separately on the control panel. Addressable fire control panels have technology such as a specific electronic address on each detector or device. This advantage means that you can precisely determine the position of the fire. When programming the system, each fire alarm device is assigned a unique identification number and text. When a fire detection device is activated, a predefined location text is displayed on the fire detection panel, allowing the user to locate the exact location of the fire.

This system has the ability to find the location of the accident faster than conventional systems.

Advantages of Addressable Fire Alarm System:

• The need for less cabling than the conventional system.

• Faster and easier troubleshooting than the conventional system.

• High flexibility in defining relationships between inputs and outputs of the system.

• Providing many software facilities to control and manage the fire alarm system.

• Much more accuracy compared to conventional systems and accurate detection of fire location.

• They are often used in medium and large projects.

Disadvantages of Addressable Fire Alarm System:

The higher cost of using these systems in small projects compared to conventional systems.

• Installation and commissioning problems and the need to plan the control center and equipment.

• Creating confusion among general users such as security guards due to the lack of simplicity in using the control centers of some manufacturers in some cases.

• The incompatibility of equipment from different manufacturers and the possibility of using only one manufacturer's products most of the time.

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